The Science Behind: Smoking Addiction and Withdrawal

Smoking Addiction

Having a list of New Year’s resolutions like these for example can help achieve goals, whether they are personal or professional. Before New Year’s Eve, a lot of people mention withdrawal from smoking in the said list. However, an average of 10 quitting attempts is all it takes for a smoker to fully obtain that smoke-free achievement, making quitting smoking hard to commit.
Regardless, there are a few science-backed contributing factors that you need to know why withdrawing from smoking is challenging, as well as some proven steps that you must identify so that you can give up …

Science Experiments on Dental Health

Dental Health

There are two sets of teeth that grow in our mouths. Experts from said that the first set of teeth comes during our childhood and prepares us for the upcoming years. Then there is the solid set of teeth that is our permanent teeth
One way to keep your teeth solid and strong is by maintaining a good Teeth & Gum Health care routine.
Benefits of Dental Health
Sugars that comes from the food we intake can remain in our mouth for a long period of time. All of this sugar will turn into acids if it combines with our saliva and this can greatly weaken…

The Science Behind the Zero Gravity Chair

Gravity Chair

What is a Zero Gravity Chair?
To put it simply, a zero gravity chair or xl anti gravity lounger is a recliner. A recliner is a chair that has a backrest that can recline and a footrest that raises. The person sitting may adjust the angle of the recline and the footrest. It is a chair that can be adjusted to optimize the maximum relaxation of its occupant.
A zero gravity chair is a type of recliner designed to position your body in a particular position wherein the footrest elevates your feet at a certain height, and the backrest reclines to an angle so that your feet and …

What Your Selfies Might Be Saying About You and the Science Behind It

Science Behind

The modern youth digital world has skyrocketed in various social media platforms and custom paint by numbers kit over a decade. Common Sense Media initiated a survey in 2018 on how social media is affecting children and teens. This nonprofit organization has an aim to work with safety with technology and media for children.
They recorded a trend and explained how the media is affecting young adults. A thousand teens aging from 13-17 were observed about their internet use behaviors from 2012 to 2018.
The report’s results showed that 27% of teens are …

How to Tutor Science

Tutor Science

Science is an exciting subject, but many students find it hard to grasp its lessons and concepts. Some students need extra help to master the lessons and , especially when they want to become an online tutor. For this reason, many parents rely on science tutors to help their children understand the subject.
If you are a science teacher who’s tutoring via online courses, here are some strategies you can follow to be an effective online tutor:

Present the Topic in Various Ways

The more you know how you present the topic, the more you learn which strategy is the best fit for …