Science Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Accept Guest Posts

If you’re interested in doing guest posting from big guest posting on websites to increase your science website’s traffic, you should find a high-ranking blog with a wide audience base, not just any website that accepts guest posts. In this article, we’ve compiled some of the best science blogs that accept guest posts.

Head over to the Write for Us page and submit your complete article to the provided email address. If you also want to contribute on a regular basis, they will set up an author’s login details with an identity (name or pseudonym) and a gravatar.

Guest posts to this blog should be submitted to the Editor of Science, but before submitting, you should carefully read the detailed article standards, formatting specifications, and uploading directions you will find on Science: Information for Authors.

You need to be affiliated to the University of California, Berkeley for your submission to be accepted. Check the BSR Blogger Guide first before anything else, but you can also read the condensed version of the guide instead. They offer a variety of categories for you to work on.

Get a feel of the writing style this science blog has. See the Write for Us page for details and information on the benefits you could get by being a contributor and on the policy guidelines for guest posting. Contact Andre with the email address provided on the page for your submission. Make sure the subject line for your pitch is “ZME contributor”.

Head over to the site’s Guest Post page to find out the kind of posts they expect, the format to follow, the additional requirements you need to send, and other information. To submit, email your guest post to the email address provided on the page. Contributing to this blog attracts a myriad of benefits for your website.

Visit the Write for Us page for the benefits, requirements, and the category of topics they accept for your guest post. Contact them through the contact form provided at the end of the page. After having contacted them, you will be provided with a contributor account which you can use to work on a post and save it for review.

Browse around the site to get a feel of its content approach. Head over to the Write for Us page to find out the guidelines in writing your article and the perks you will get such as getting your own author account on DOGOnews. Email your article idea and write a sample to the email address provided on the page.

Look around the blog and understand their writing style. Visit the site’s Submit News page and fill in the form with your information and article.

Surf through different articles and see how authors on Wired write their pieces. Visit their Contact Us page, and in the ‘Pitches’ section, get the email address provided for you to send your pitch.

Head over to the site’s submissions page and check out what stuff appears on their blog, who is in the community, what you need to send, and examples of guest posts. A minimum of 800 words is necessary for your article to be accepted. Send your submission to the email address provided on the page.

One effective way to increase your website’s traffic and extend your audience reach is guest posting on websites. Choose the right website to get the best results.

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