The Science Behind Marijuana Usage

Science Behind Marijuana

As marijuana is an organic drug, many people believe that there are no harms associated with its usage. According to ouchclub, While it is known to be healthy in a medicinal grade, there are actually some side effects that come with it, especially if you use it a lot. After all, everything that’s taken in excess is harmful to the body. That’s the reason why a lot of people need to have a detox from marijuana if they overused it. Here are some of the scientific research materials dealing with the possible harms of having too much.

Research on Side Effects of Having Too Much Marijuana

The main side effect that scientists found in marijuana would be its effects on cognitive function and judgment. It’s no surprise that marijuana can dull senses, which is why too much of it can lead to impairment. Scientists have found there to be a special system between the brain and the body known as the endocannabinoid system wherein marijuana takes effect.

It is named after the cannabis plant. Now, the endocannabinoid system, or the EC system, is made up of chemicals known as CB receptors. The chemicals strongly affect how this system functions. Once cannabinoids are increased, the movement in message signals would slow down, which is why you feel like you’re floating when you’re high.

THC and Its Effects on the Human Brain

With that in mind, let’s talk about THC and how it plays a role in the EC system. When we talk about the strength or potency of a marijuana strain, we usually talk about the THC level. Now, the THC is the main component of marijuana. The higher the THC level, the more potent the marijuana strain is. The more potent the strain is, the higher the high.

When the THC enters your EC system, your EC system would go in shock and halt the movement of the natural chemicals. With fewer signals being transferred from the brain to the body, the more impaired your senses become. To be more specific, THC will connect itself with the CB receptors. By connecting itself with the CB receptors, it will find its way in the EC system and exerts its power there.

The Problem with Too Much Marijuana Use

Using marijuana once in a while shouldn’t be any problem. However, the issue comes when you smoke too much. The brain will get used to the presence of the THC in the cannabinoids which would result in more permanent function impairment. In other words, your brain will get used getting high. Eventually, it will also slow down as a whole as you continue to consume marijuana every day.


While medicinal, and even recreational marijuana use, is okay when needed, smoking in excess is scientifically bad for you. This is especially true if you smoke every day. It’s pretty much the same as alcohol wherein there will be a lot of side effects if you take too much of it. Just remember that it is okay to consume (provided that it is legal in your country) as long as you consume responsibly. This would prevent long term cognitive impairment and addiction.

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