What is Web Hosting? – Everything You Need to Know

Web Hosting

Nowadays, people make use of the internet to search for topics related to school projects, interests, or even out of boredom due to its vast collection of knowledge and opinions contributed by different users online. As a matter of fact, book authors are now taking advantage of this to also produce a copy of their book electronically just to keep up with the society’s standards.

However, none of the websites you see online would have been available neither to answer your assignment nor to entertain you if it wasn’t for the existence of web hosting.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that provides company or private individual users storage space and access to their web page. It is solely responsible for containing the web page’s images, information, and other contents on the website. Websites are either hosted or stored on servers. Without web hosting, it would be impossible to put a web page into function.

Web hosting service provider is a company/business that gives you the services you need on your website for it to be physically available online. There are several web host companies available, each corresponding to the kind of service you need and budget you can afford.

Having your own domain is mandatory in order for hosting companies to host with you, so make sure to name your domain that’s easy to remember and related to your website’s purpose.

How can you benefit from web hosting?

As mentioned earlier, one of its primary roles is to enable visitors to gain access to your website. This is especially important in business affiliated web pages since it should be accessible 24/7 for visitors to easily view your web page. Without web hosting, business would not foster due to the inactivity of the page.

Offers expected on hosting providers:

1. E-mail address

Instead of merging business with personal emails, you can actually make use of your domain name so as not to possibly miss out those unread emails from potential customers or partnership for your business.

2. FTP access

FTP usage allows you to upload your file from your computer straight to your web server. Definitely less hassle on your end as users since you won’t have to look for a third-party host to save your photos online.

3. WordPress support

WordPress is one of the most commonly used website content manager for bloggers and also in business due to its good remarks and relatively easy usage. In line with its popularity, others also prefer using WordPress due to several pre-made themes available for users to choose in accordance with their website.

There are actually plenty of web hosting service providers with promising offers and unique features. Several of them also have excellent customer service for you to contact immediately in cases of technical problems. You just have to scout until you find the best company perfect for your needs and budget.

Below is the list of the top three best web hosting companies for business purposes along with its monthly price:

1. MochaHost

Price: $3.48/month

2. HostPapa

Price: $3.95/month

3. GreenGeeks

Price: $2.95/month

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