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With the advent of technology, everything goes fast-paced. From automotive industries to household chores, gadgets like best gaming headset under 100, and customer services, innovations go full throttle for the convenience of customers. As a result, developments in videophones and personal robots boomed and is not far to be evolving in the distant future.

Helen Greiner, the co-founder of iRobot and the Droid Works, stated that 30 years from now, robots will be household commodities from automatic appliances to automation systems. This statement is good news for consumers for higher productivity and work consistency.

Furthermore, Rodney A. Brooks, writer of “Flesh and Machines: How Robots Will Change Us,” revealed an interesting evolution path for robots. He surmised that robots would begin to think and experience emotions on their own within a twenty-year timeframe. Not only will robots become autonomous in performing tasks, but they will become proficient in decision making and analyses as well. Come to think of this situation in manufacturing settings where human intervention can be significantly displaced.

Colin Angle, the inventor of Rumba, a robot vacuum cleaner, supports this claim telling that one day we will wake up with the new standards of automation and robotics.

Interestingly, the stretch of the applications of robots has reached gaming equipment as well. The future of gaming relies on the continuous development of diversified motion-sensing games designed for casual gamers. Currently, immersion games are experiencing a high for consumers that will take them to virtual realities. Dedicated players are found out to subscribe to immersive game worlds.

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), not only gamers are hooked up with experiencing new gaming schemes, but also non-players as well. AI intends to offer more luxurious experience through virtual worlds, exciting games, and competitions.

Furthermore, through video games, AI has learned important aspects and incorporated them into real applications. An example is Tesla’s self-driving cars to which the concept is developed from Grand Theft Auto. In this game, the user is allowed to drive autonomously and follow or break the rules. Researchers are now interested in improving Tesla’s AI such that it can read traffic signs, distinguish pedestrian lanes, or road and weather conditions. This way, cars can run safer and more advanced.

Another vital input from video games is teamwork. Honestly, games are made more enjoyable when shared with a group of friends or close kin. In this respect, researchers are taking time to develop AI, which is efficient in performing tasks in groups like games, competitions, warehouse operations, or even surgeries. How cool will that be?

In another light, human interaction is also being explored. This development is inherently complex as humans are capable of changing decisions and emotions now and then, which is not easy to program. Minecraft is identified to have simulated real interactions in terms of projects and dealing with issues.

The future is bright and will become much brighter with the aid of robots and artificial intelligence. With the constant evolution of technology, promising benefits for the consumers are not hard to reach in the future.

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