The Best Science Blogs for Teachers and Students

Science Blogs

Science teachers and students can access great resources from the Internet. Currently, there are hundreds of educational blogs like tutoring mastery online with educational content that has been prepared and published by teachers and other scholars. However, you may face difficulties when choosing the best and most reliable website.

The blog sites are good for you as a student or a teacher. They provide insightful narratives away from the classroom walls. Online tutoring is also done through these sites where students engage in chats or discussions with teachers.

With that in mind, how do you select the best website? Here is a list of 7 of the best science blogs that you can find on the Internet.

  1. Short Sharp Science 

Short Sharp Science provides a summary of scientific discoveries and developments. It also provides news and features gathered from multiple scientific disciplines.

The blog is ideal for students interested in the current affairs in the science field. If you are planning to study science in college or university, then you should read the content of this blog before the interview.

  1. Science Sparks 

This blog is fun and thus appropriate for kids who are interested in science. It contains several amazing experiments and content that is written explicitly for children. Its accessible and down-to-earth approach captivates kids and young scientists.

  1. Cancer Research UK 

This blog is published by a UK charity organization called Cancer Research. It is easily accessible, and it provides fascinating research news conveniently and clearly. The research news focuses on developments in the medical science field.

  1. The Frost Blog 

The content in this blog is prepared by teachers, and it has neat and short articles in various fields, including zoology and astronomy. It provides insightful reflections on teaching science, making it appropriate for scientists of all ages.

  1. Real Climate 

This blog contains important information and updates on climate change science. The content is published by climate scientists. It is, therefore, one of the best climate science blogs you can find on the Internet.

  1. Bad Science 

Dr. Ben Goldacre runs the bad Science blog. He diffuses the modern science myths and exposes some of the misleading information in science. Dr. Ben exposes scaremongering newspaper posts and fake processes involved in clinical tries. Therefore, the content comprises of verified information that seeks to dissect science.

  1. The Naked Scientists 

The Naked Scientists blog provides informative and light science podcasts seeking to investigate popular questions from a science perspective. In short, the site uses scientific theories and facts to provide answers to some of the popular questions in science. It is suitable for the general public, and any person who is interested in science, technology, or medicine can benefit from this blog.

Final Thoughts

The Internet is full of science blogs that are beneficial to teachers and students. However, it is not easy to choose the best site from the hundreds of blogs on the Internet. The above list comprises of the best science blogs for teachers and students.

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