How to Tutor Science

Tutor Science

Science is an exciting subject, but many students find it hard to grasp its lessons and concepts. Some students need extra help to master the lessons and , especially when they want to become an online tutor. For this reason, many parents rely on science tutors to help their children understand the subject.

If you are a science teacher who’s tutoring via online courses, here are some strategies you can follow to be an effective online tutor:

  • Present the Topic in Various Ways

The more you know how you present the topic, the more you learn which strategy is the best fit for your student. Students’ learning varies from person to person. It is crucial you know which strategy you find interesting. This is important so you won’t waste each other’s time.

You can try visual presentations. If you are teaching a kid, consider using colorful presentations. Colors are pleasing and interesting to the eyes of kids. Once they are hooked to the presentation, they can surely pay attention to the lesson.

You can also make assessment or quizzes through games. In this way, you are making the online tutoring experience light, engaging, and fun.

  • Be Gentle

When teaching, make sure you are keeping it light. Science can be a difficult subject for some, so don’t make it a lot harder for your student. As the subject is tedious and a bit technical, you can include humor while teaching so you can build a connection with your student.

Good tutors also allow their students to voice out their ideas. This is also a great tactic to make the discussion engaging. Make sure to pause every concept you discuss so your students can digest it in their brain or that they won’t find the lesson boring.

  • Practice their Critical Thinking

Science involves a lot of critical thinking; allow your student to maximize this way of thinking. Allow the students to speak and discuss for themselves. For instance, when you are covering a lesson, ask a student about his idea on the topic. Acknowledge his answer and tell them he’ll know if his answer is correct after you teach the lesson.

Don’t spoon-feed him. Allow them to reflect, participate, and listen to what they have to say.

  • Get your Student’s Feedback About the Lesson

One way you can improve tutoring via online courses is by getting your student’s feedback. After you call it a day for both of you and your student, ask them if they have learned a thing or two. You may also want to ask if there are lessons that need clarifications or what you can do to improve their learning experience.

If your student is quite hesitant, you may consider making survey questions. To ensure that the student will provide the honest question, tell him that your boss will read the answers. If you teach a bunch of students, you can tell them that they can make the survey form anonymous. This strategy will help you improve your tutoring skills and address your student’s needs.


Online tutoring is a bit more difficult than teaching in the usual classroom setting. It is a two-way process that involves a strong connection between the student and the teacher. One must be patient, and the other must be attentive.

There are many ways you can be an effective tutor, and we hope we have helped you with these simple yet proven strategies in making the class as engaging as possible.

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