The Science Behind the Zero Gravity Chair

Gravity Chair

What is a Zero Gravity Chair?

To put it simply, a zero gravity chair or xl anti gravity lounger is a recliner. A recliner is a chair that has a backrest that can recline and a footrest that raises. The person sitting may adjust the angle of the recline and the footrest. It is a chair that can be adjusted to optimize the maximum relaxation of its occupant.

A zero gravity chair is a type of recliner designed to position your body in a particular position wherein the footrest elevates your feet at a certain height, and the backrest reclines to an angle so that your feet and heart are approximately at the same size. Supposedly, when you achieve that posture, you experience a weightless sensation.

NASA first designed this chair. Its primary purpose was to prepare astronauts for the time when they are launched into space. When you assume the posture, it limits the effects of gravity your body experiences. This is where the name Zero Gravity chair comes from.

There are several models of the zero gravity chair. Some of them are designed outdoors, and some are portable for family vacations. There are also indoor models wherein you can experience the relaxation and comfort it brings inside your home.

Using a Zero Gravity Chair

A zero gravity chair can be used for relaxation or for merely sitting. You can occupy it by sitting upright like a normal chair, using it as a common recliner, or assuming the zero gravity position. Since the angle at which you can elevate your feet and recline the backrest, you can use the zero gravity chair to suit your relaxation needs.

Benefits of the Zero Gravity Chair

The benefits of the zero gravity chair are mostly therapeutical. One of its primary functions is that it relaxes the strain on your heart. It allows for better blood flow from your heart to your muscles and vice versa. When sleeping in unaligned positions, your blood struggles to reach all your extremities, which puts pressure on your heart.

In the position assumed in zero gravity chairs, the blood flow travels smoothly to and from the heart and significantly lessens the pressure on your heart, and promotes its general well-being.

Most people don’t pay attention to their posture when sleeping or relaxing. They just assume a position they feel comfortable with. However, most people don’t know that there are several adverse health effects to bad sleeping or resting posture. If continued for a long time, people may develop spine and back problems.

For people experiencing back pains or muscle aches in the back, relaxing in a zero gravity chair helps the muscles relax and helps relieve the pain. This relaxing sensation also extends to your arms, neck, and legs. Relaxing on zero gravity chairs is a treat for your sore muscles.

Whether for therapeutical purposes or simple relaxation, for outdoors or within the comfort of your own home, a Zero Gravity chair is something you should consider having. The health benefits and practical benefits of it are simply worth every penny.

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