Science Experiments on Dental Health

Dental Health

There are two sets of teeth that grow in our mouths. Experts from said that the first set of teeth comes during our childhood and prepares us for the upcoming years. Then there is the solid set of teeth that is our permanent teeth

One way to keep your teeth solid and strong is by maintaining a good Teeth & Gum Health care routine.

Benefits of Dental Health

Sugars that comes from the food we intake can remain in our mouth for a long period of time. All of this sugar will turn into acids if it combines with our saliva and this can greatly weaken or damage your teeth.

In case you don’t brush our teeth after eating, this acid will remain in your mouth and cover your teeth. As time goes by, these acids will breakdown the surface or the enamel that protects our teeth. After breaking the enamel, you will start getting a gap in teeth that is known as cavity.

Dental specialists prescribe that all people should brush or clean their teeth at least two times each day.

Dental Health Experiments

At some point, there are many dental experts, instructors, and also parents who regularly clarify how and why we ought to pay attention to our teeth. Science experiments can help you understand the importance of having good dental health.

In this article, we will focus on test that will help you see what can happen in the mouth in case you don’t brush your teeth frequently.

Science Experiments

In this experiment, a hard-boiled egg represents the teeth and the test seeks to show how fluoride can prevent tooth decay.

Egg in Vinegar: A Dental Health Activity

In this experiment, an egg is mixed with a little amount of vinegar to see how the acids will build and also the effect of this on the teeth if not cleaned properly.

A Fun Eggsperiment

The experiment is done using an egg to act as teeth to demonstrate how to clean or brush the teeth properly and effectively.

Dr. Rabbit and the Tooth Defenders

This will show us the difference between having good and bad dental care and the effects of having poor dental health care.

Brush Two Minutes Twice a Day

This test shows us the importance of brushing the teeth for two minutes each day. A dentist who conducts this experiment recommends brushing and cleaning the teeth for two at least two minutes to have good dental care and prevent tooth decay.

Fall for Smiles

This experiment includes saving an apple cut into pieces in a bag for a couple of days. It elaborates what decay really is and much like it to show up in the teeth.

Open Wide! Fun Science Activities Inside

This experiment shows the actual effect of sugar is found in different drinks and its effect on the teeth.


All these scientific dental experiments explain the importance of maintaining a good oral hygiene. Having an idea of how to properly clean and care for your teeth is important to prevent poor dental health that can affect your lifestyle.

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