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The history of modern science is full of some wonderful stories. The stories revolve around some singular geniuses who have made the great breakthrough. These geniuses were able to see beyond others using only intuition and logic. Modern science is just more than some work of great scientists. Many theories are often discovered having some gaping holes.

Great advances in these theories always result in huge breakthroughs. The theories and experiments also have to be vetted before they can be realized or be accepted by the general public. Simply because a scientist is not famous, it does not mean that he is not important. Fame is not a good measure of importance in science.

Modern science cannot stand on its own; it must have enablers such as universities and technology. Technology is an important tool in science. It is out of technology that great inventions are being made in science. Universities also help when research and information are needed.

Sometimes, people think that they should leave everything about science to the scientists, but it is impossible. Everything that surrounds us is science, and we also use a lot of gadgets made out of science like the smartphone you are holding in your hand. They are other issues about science which have a great effect on our bodies and lifestyles. These include issues such as vaccinations and climate change. You really don’t have to know everything about science, but you need to know the various parts of science that are important. Science can be equated to life. It is impossible for you to function in your everyday life without science.

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